The digital health product house.

We’re a team of researchers, designers and software engineers that’s set up to cover every aspect of designing, building and launching software as a medical device.

From patient-facing connected devices and condition management apps, through to clinical decision support and remote monitoring tools, we’ve helped some of the world’s leading healthcare companies develop flagship digital health products.

“Hanno were provocative in the questions they asked us, leaning into the behavioural requirements of our users more than anyone else we’d worked with. I never felt like they were a hammer who were going to try and turn our problem into a nail. They spent the time and effort to understand what we were trying to solve and helped us define what we needed to do now; where that could potentially go; and engineer not just something that was desirable and usable, but had the quality to take us there.

They had the vision and commitment to do the painful extra work upfront, to give us something that we didn’t know how to value until later in the process when we saw how our users actually used the product.

It’s hard to put their contribution into a box. By the end of the process, they hadn’t just created a product with us, they’d helped us build an entire proposition.”

Damian Smith

Research and Innovation Director, Smith+Nephew