A weekly conversation on building digital products for better health and wellness.

Matter Health: Fuelling innovation

The importance of accelerating a business’ learning curve

Carbon Health: Experience beyond software

Traversing the line between technology and physical spaces

Novo Nordisk: The role of an anthropologist

Navigating the complexity of chronic conditions

Irene Ng: Ethical health data

Are personal data accounts the key to building modern, trustworthy applications?

Onboard Health: Democratising health access

Delving into the tensions between public health and scaling innovation

Zero : Designing for self-efficacy

What’s needed for a digital platform to unlock healthy habits?

Dr. Bon Ku: The organising principles of health design

Creating a common language around human centred healthcare

Echo : Removing barriers to medical adherence

A founder’s quest to simplify pharmacy

Babylon : Venturing beyond telemedicine

The role of design in a global, scaling startup

Emmett: A parent's personal diabetes assistant

Easing the burden of diabetes management for parents and caregivers

Flatiron: Increasing the design baseline in oncology

The powerful legacy of every cancer patient's story

Vision4Health: What do we want ‘health’ to look like?

Putting Humpty Dumpty back together again

Resolve To Save Lives: Building the world's thinnest EMR

The noble pursuit of radical simplicity

Vitality: Rewarding healthy living

Improving people’s long-term wellness through behavioural economics

Oxsight: Hacking reality for the visually impaired

How a passion for neuroscience and science fiction led to a very special pair of glasses

One Medical: Flipping primary care on its head

Striking the right balance between technology and human experiences

Color: The next frontier in genomics and precision healthcare

Does the future of preventative care lie in your DNA?

Honor: Building better ways to age

Using technology to enhance human interactions not replace them.

Vision4Health: 6 megatrends on the healthcare horizon

Re-imagine the possibilities of technology-enabled, human-centred healthcare

NHSX: Calling all digital health innovators

What if your doctor decided to prescribe you an app instead of a drug? Or what if your next health check up was as simple as making a video call on your lunch break?

Myia Health: Unlocking clinical meaning from data

Myia transforms streams of personal, vital health data into actionable insights on patient condition, empowering clinicians to take better and more timely action, prevent costly medical events, and ultimately set new standards of care.

MeeTwo: Empowering teens to take control of their mental well-being

76% of young people with mental health issues never get treated, 50% of all adult mental health issues begin by age 14, 1 in 5 people self harm by the age of 16. The list of obstacles facing today’s youth goes on and the statistics show it.

Alzheimer's Society: Becoming experience driven for the dementia community

If it’s not broken, make it better. We chat with the team turning a 10,000 employee strong UK charity into a user-centred powerhouse.

Omada Health: Designing for behaviour change

"People are complicated. Their needs, especially as it relates to their health and their lifestyle, are so multifaceted. It takes a human in many cases to be able to understand that and adapt how we help each individual in a way that's appropriate for them."

Modern Fertility : Breaking down barriers to reproductive health

We believe that fertility hormone testing should become as routine as a pap smear. We want every woman to be able to understand their reproductive hormones and not only to think about their fertility but also their overall reproductive health.

Iris: From an emergency alert to everyday health tracking

“We can't change the system from the inside so we need to work with the tools and the power that we have on the outside. That starts with empowering the individual.”

Methodology: Eating for health outcomes

The way we eat has a significant impact on our health and wellbeing. But finding the time to research and plan what and how we eat prevents a lot of us from living healthier lives.

Healios: Transforming mental healthcare delivery

Having quick, reliable access to mental health services can be life-saving. But more often than not people find multiple barriers in their way when it comes to getting help.

LiveSmart: Health assessments and coaching for the digital age

Knowing what’s going on in your body is essential to making the right decisions when it comes to your health and wellness.

Touch Surgery: Surgical training gone mobile

Performing operations repeatedly and constantly being exposed to different procedures can make all the difference in a surgeon’s career.

Core Wellness: Creating a hands-on meditation experience

Meditation has been proven to improve our well-being, but it’s not unusual to sometimes wonder if it’s actually making a difference.

XenZone: Digitising mental health services for young people

Most young people now expect to find services online, including support for their emotional wellbeing.

Forward: Instant messaging for healthcare professionals

More and more healthcare professionals in the UK are turning to Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger to communicate at work.

Cardiologs: Building AI to help doctors diagnose cardiac diseases faster

A physician’s time should be spent diagnosing and treating patients rather than spending hours pouring over a patient’s test data.

Wayfindr: Empowering blind people to travel independently

Things like staircases, escalators and lifts often make navigating indoors difficult for visually impaired people.

Koko: A social network with mental health in mind

More and more people are going on social networks to share their problems and get emotional support.

Limbix: Curing anxieties with virtual reality

Virtual reality isn’t just for video games, it’s now being used to cure phobias too.

Stratasan: Helping hospitals to grow with data

The rapid progression of healthcare means that it’s more important than ever for hospitals to understand how they should evolve.

FutureEverything: Smart city solutions for healthier citizens

In designing and building better cities, shouldn’t we involve the most important stakeholder—the people who live in them?

Be My Eyes: Lending a pair of eyes to the blind

With a touch of a button, a blind person can get a little help with everyday tasks.

Aging 2.0: Designing inclusive solutions for an ageing population

We may be living longer, but that doesn’t mean we’re ageing well.

Ava Women: Smarter fertility tracking to help women conceive

We can track everything from the number of steps we’ve walked to our heart rate, so why not a woman’s fertility?

Thriva: Preventative healthcare at your fingertips

What if you could take a blood test without leaving your home?

Care/of: Curating vitamins for better health

Determining which supplements to take can oftentimes become a guessing game.

Bloomlife: A smart contraction tracker for pregnant women

On average, pregnant women go to the hospital for false alarms two to three times.

Nurx: Birth control sent to your doorstep

It typically takes physicians anywhere from a few to 20 minutes to prescribe birth control—with Nurx it takes less than 30 seconds.

No Isolation: Combating loneliness with the help of robots

Research shows that loneliness can be more harmful than smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

UnaliWear: Extending independence with dignity for the vulnerable

The number one fear people have of growing older is losing control over their own lives.

Ride Health: Getting patients to & from medical appointments safely & on-time

Transportation is something that many of us take for granted.

Headspace: A modern meditation coach that fits right in your pocket

For many, meditation may appear to have a lot of mysticism around it.

Implicity: Remote monitoring for smarter patient care

Pacemakers and implanted defibrillators have helped people with chronic heart disease to survive and lead fairly normal lives. But what if things could be taken a step further to elevate patient care?

MedPics: A collaborative platform for the medical industry

Being able to easily share information in the medical field can sometimes mean all the difference in helping a patient experience a better outcome.

Nima: A portable sensor that detects gluten

For people living with severe food intolerances like celiac disease, even a tiny morsel of food laced with gluten could end up making them very sick.

W21C: Designing medical care for the 21st century

Since 2004, W21C has been making waves in healthcare delivery by sparking fresh ideas to improve patient safety and the quality of care.

Siempo: Building a more mindful mobile phone interface

When was the last time you looked at your phone? Chances are, your answer might be anything from the last minute to the last hour.

Ava: Creating total accessibility for the deaf and hard-of-hearing

Ava is breaking down communication barriers between the deaf & hearing worlds with the power of mobile and speech technologies.