The role of design in a global, scaling startup

Babylon’s goal is to provide affordable and accessible healthcare to everyone in the world. It’s a big mission that certainly demands a tribe of top talent. In under 14 months, the Babylon design team alone has scaled from 4 to almost 90 employees. Navigating this rapid growth has been scale up specialist and Director of Product Design, Jane Austin. In this episode we discuss the impact design has had on the company, both externally and internally, on their journey to becoming a global health service provider.


  • What is Babylon Health? (1:04)
  • Working with the team in Rwanda (2:52)
  • Beyond telemedicine (4:03)
  • The challenges of marketing a multi-use app (5:28)
  • Jane’s role in the business as Director of Product Design (7:41)
  • The role of design operations (9:09)
  • The growing importance of design for Babylon (10:08)
  • What they look for as a member of their design team (11:24)
  • Developing the right company culture (12:32)
  • How and why they treat the design system as an internal product (15:25)
  • The Rwandan vs UK market (17:31)
  • The power of storytelling for designers (18:23)
  • Empowered, autonomous teams (21:20)
  • Humanising data (23:55)

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