Does the future of preventative care lie in your DNA?

As genetic testing becomes more mainstream, the potential lying beyond novelty products revealing your ancestry is staggering. In healthcare, DNA sequencing is already providing real medical value, but its costs have largely limited it to individuals at high-risk of disease, already working with specialists.

Color believes that genomics should be brought further upstream and used as a preventive tool for whole populations of people. Making clinical genetics accessible as part of routine care would mean spotting the likelihood of disease, understanding risk, and paving the way for tailored interventions at scale, way ahead of time.

Join Hanno and Wendy as they explore the role design, genetics and technology play in the movement from ‘sickcare’ to affordable, preventative healthcare, covering everything from Google HEART design principles and genetic counselors to DNA sequencing labs.


  • What is Color? (1:08)
  • Making genomic testing more accessible to the general population (5:00)
  • How is Color providing genomic testing in a way that keeps its users engaged? (7:04)
  • Who are the main people that interact with Color? (10:13)
  • With results ranging from harmless personal insight to more serious matters like hereditary cancers, how does Color help its users process and share that information? (11:27)
  • The importance of genetics in healthcare and its impact on Color’s brand (14:06)
  • The role of genetic counselors in healthcare (15:00)
  • Color’s CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited genetic sequencing lab (17:52)
  • The future of genomics in personalised healthcare (22:24)
  • Addressing lack of innovation in the healthcare system (26:00)
  • How is design playing a role in helping foster innovation? (28:30)
  • UX design in healthcare - Google HEART metrics and the other design processes (30:11)
  • What is going to be the biggest benefit for the community with this new knowledge of understanding our bodies? (40:00)

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