A founder’s quest to simplify pharmacy

Getting medicine into people’s hands is not easy. Encouraging patients to stick to their medication can be even trickier. Can the psychological obstacles patients face be solved with an app? Echo is an online repeat prescription service determined to answer that question. As the original end-user of his very own product, co-founder Stephen Bourke has been on the front lines of their mission to simplify pharmacy. In this episode we discuss how design bleeds into all facets of his business and why convenience really is the key to medical adherence.


  • Echo’s Mission (1:20)
  • Removing the barriers to medical adherence (4:30)
  • A more honest relationship with technology (9:39)
  • The rise of convenience in healthcare (11:45)
  • Design & Simplifying Pharmacy (14:46)
  • On pragmatism and prioritisation (19:03)
  • Improving health outcomes (20:47)
  • Where comparisons to consumer tech breakdown (23:14)
  • Underpinning waste in the healthcare system (27:52)
  • Measuring success (31:06)
  • Data & Privacy (34:45)

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