Easing the burden of diabetes management for parents and caregivers

It’s hard to imagine the cognitive load for a caregiver with a child who has Type 1 diabetes. There are hundreds of decisions to make each day and none of them trivial. Technological advances have gone a long way to helping, but more often than not, they only contribute to the overwhelming amount of information caregivers have to process. Is there a way in which we can use technology to ease that burden rather than add to it? In this episode we talk to Dan Korelitz about his journey as a parent to find a better way to manage his son’s diabetes.


  • Dan’s story (1:34)
  • A tale of two Emmetts (4:20)
  • A day in the life of a parent of a child with type 1 diabetes (5:11)
  • The cognitive load of managing diabetes (7:46)
  • Hacking an Alexa (10:08)
  • How a finance background led to the app being created (14:05)
  • What makes the Emmett app different (19:32)

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