The powerful legacy of every cancer patient's story

So much of a patient’s story is being collected and documented in digital tools. Can we learn from these narratives to transform the patient experience and accelerate research? Hear how Director of Product Design at Flatiron Coulton Bunney is using design to help in this complex and meaningful space.


  • What Flatiron Health is all about (2:04)
  • Designing for multiple stakeholders (4:33)
  • Keeping the design process consistent (7:02)
  • The role of Product Operations (11:48)
  • Liquid expectations - A Doctor's enthusiasm for design (17:20)
  • Co-creation and collaboration in healthcare (21:24)
  • Core leadership principles (26:41)
  • The future of technology & oncology (30:36)
  • Leveraging data to drive clinical research (38:30)
  • How each cancer patient's story is a powerful legacy (43:35)

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