Are personal data accounts the key to building modern, trustworthy applications?

With new apps and health technology flourishing, the exponential rise of health data feels inevitable. But what can we do to ensure patients' data is ethically and securely handled in the products we create? We chat to Irene Ng, Market Design Economist and CEO of DataSwift about the power of personal data accounts and what it could mean for healthcare.


  • Health, wealth and data (1:40)
  • Personal data servers (4:38)
  • Personalisation of healthcare and computation (8:17)
  • Personal data accounts and interoperability (12:35)
  • Apple and Google Hub as health hubs (13:27)
  • Protecting users from centralised health hubs (13:57)
  • Empowering people with health data (15:35)
  • Creating standards for new apps to emerge (17:40)
  • Bringing economists into the healthcare space (18:22)
  • Health systems liberating personal data (19:39)
  • How to become more knowledgeable with data in the health space (21:39)

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