The importance of accelerating a business’ learning curve

It might sound like a tough ask supporting both healthcare corporations and startups. But Matter makes it sound simple: deprogram corporate managers and reprogram entrepreneurs. Matter is a healthcare startup incubator, community nexus and corporate innovation accelerator. Even though no company is quite ever the same, CEO Steven Collens has seen first-hand what the successful ones have in common. He joins Hanno to share insights from the heart of healthcare.


  • What Matter does (3:19)
  • Space for serendipity (6:41)
  • Solving problems as a startup vs corporation (7:54)
  • How a large organisation can get in to faster iterative feedback loops (13:05)
  • Generating market insights (16:44)
  • Supporting entrepreneurs (18:57)
  • Cross-pollination between corporates and startups (21:19)
  • The common solutions companies want to solve (27:23)
  • Mindset of collaborating, not competing (29:07)
  • What the future of healthcare is shaping to be like (30:04)
  • The biggest barrier to healthcare innovation (32:50)
  • Startups at Matter (37:30)
  • What first three roles Steven would hire for a new team (42:12)

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