Navigating the complexity of chronic conditions

Now you might be thinking what exactly is the role of an anthropologist in digital health? We speak to Eva Vankilde, anthropologist and specialist in patient insights at NovoNordisk to find out. Join us as we deep dive into what it actually means to be an anthropologist in health, how it differs from things like user research and how building empathy is a sure fire way of navigating the complexity of creating services for people living with chronic conditions.


  • The role of an anthropologist (1:38)
  • Where anthropology goes beyond user research (2:45)
  • Overlaps with user research (4:21)
  • Seeing diabetes through multiple lenses (9:43)
  • Kicking off a project (11:25)
  • Building empathy (13:40)
  • Surprising insights in the field (19:39)
  • Embracing chronicity (26:52)
  • Relaying insights back to the team to enable action and innovation (32:08)
  • How to introduce anthropology into your organisation (39:38)
  • The exciting advancing technologies that are helping diabetes (43:22)

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