Striking the right balance between technology and human experiences

We all know it. Going to the doctor these days can be confusing, inconvenient and stressful. As a result, things like telemedicine apps have sprung up to skip out the doctor’s office entirely and they’re rapidly gaining popularity - but will relying on technology alone be the best way to boost health outcomes?

One Medical believe it’s about more than just providing thoughtful technology. Instead it’s about integrating the best digital experiences with stylish & calming clinical spaces that you can go to not only when you’re sick, but also when you want to improve your long-term health and wellness.

Join Hanno and David as they discuss how design is a driving force behind their mission to change how we visit the doctor. Touching upon how and why healthtech needs to balance getting things done, with doing things right.


  • The Business of One Medical (3:30)
  • Redesigning the Doctor’s Visit (5:30)
  • Prevention: Cutting Costs in Healthcare (6:41)
  • Design and Experience: The Backbone of One Medical (8:08)
  • Normalising healthcare as a part of daily life (9:48)
  • David Hoang: Product Design Head (11:37)
  • Tech as a Facilitator: Maintaining the human element with technological design (13:36)
  • Changing the healthcare perspective to empower the patients (15:10)
  • Proactive Care: Facilitating engagement outside the doctor’s office (17:44)
  • Preserving Quality, Cutting Costs (19:45)
  • Secret to Success: a match made in heaven between top tech designers and top healthcare providers (24:34)
  • Feedback: The second secret ingredient (25:40)
  • Member transparency for an interconnected healthcare system (27:57)
  • Why are so many designers coming into the health space now? (34:08)
  • Make Haste Slowly: The prototype models in One Medical (39:25)
  • Designing with the user in mind (49:34)
  • The Ultimate Goal: Transforming healthcare for all (54:00)

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