How a passion for neuroscience and science fiction led to a very special pair of glasses

Open up a newspaper or check your favourite blog, chances are you’ll find something about yet another new technology promising to transform the world around us. But it’s less often that we hear about businesses finding meaningful use cases for these innovations - especially when it comes to those often overlooked by techs rapid advances.

An outlier to this is inventor Dr Stephen Hicks’ smart glasses company Oxsight. Using augmented reality and machine learning, the glasses enhance sight for the visually impaired. Everyday things like playing cards, going to the cinema or even watching your child swim for the first time all become possible.

Join Hanno and Stephen as they traverse the world of science fiction, sight experiments, and the potential of AI powered user interfaces to empower people with disabilities and beyond.


  • Oxsight in a Nutshell (4:00)
  • Almost Fiction: Retinal Prosthetics (6:56)
  • Doing something important with neuroscience and design (9:20)
  • Understanding blindness (12:27)
  • Blindspots and how to find our own (14:49)
  • How blindspots and visual perception relate to Oxsight (18:46)
  • Oxsight displays and their success in aiding the visually impaired (21:20)
  • Why visual prosthetics? (23:14)
  • Designing the glasses (26:39)
  • Oxsight Crystal and Oxysight Prism (29:34)
  • The woman who watched her daughter swim for the first time (30:30)
  • The importance of emotional testimonies (34:29)
  • Oxsight looks to the future (38:00)
  • Support Oxsight (46:06)

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