What’s needed for a digital platform to unlock healthy habits?

Like many companies we’ve interviewed on the show, Zero is no exception to setting a bold mission. Theirs is to “help people around the world harness the power of fasting to live healthier and longer lives”. But how do you transform a relatively daunting health practice and make it accessible, fun and most importantly achievable? We chat to Matthew Silva the Head of Product at Zero to find out more.


  • The rise in fasting’s popularity (1:09)
  • Alcohol consumption and mindful drinking (4:12)
  • How the Zero journey started (6:19)
  • Making fasting accessible through technology (8:58)
  • Building the Zero community and group fasting (11:10)
  • Mood tracking whilst fasting (13:47)
  • Building ‘keystone’ habits (17:30)
  • The next step in the product journey after building self-awareness (19:30)
  • Parallels with the personal finance space (24:42)
  • Matt’s role as Head of Product (27:39)
  • Building the Fast Journal (29:30)
  • Ideal new features for the app (31:17)

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