Product Marketer

We'd like to meet experienced product marketers who can lead some exciting new brand positioning and marketing projects.

Dates & Timeline

We have projects coming up all the time, so we can run a trial project pretty quickly.


This is a remote position, but you’ll need to ensure at least 2-3 hours time zone overlap with other teammates in London.


Depends on experience, please tell us your weekly/monthly rates!

Apply Now

At Hanno, we’re on a mission to become one of the world’s best remote teams and to create the perfect work culture for all kinds of designers and engineers.

We always try to find ways of working that let every teammate work on quality projects they really enjoy, with a great team around them to help out. As well as having exciting design challenges to solve, we also aim to focus on purposeful, meaningful projects that create real social change. To find out more about our culture and the way we work, check out our Playbooks.

We have many projects coming up this year where we need to work with great strategic copywriters and product marketers.

You’ll work with the support of designers and a project manager, but you’ll have tons of responsibility, leading the task of figuring out the best way to position brands via their websites and communicate what makes them unique.

For a real, practical example of this sort of work, take a look at our Uber case study (from their early days in 2013). This type of high-level brand positioning and launch strategy work, which then becomes wireframe collaboration with designers and then copy direction, is exactly what we need to replicate.

Essential requirements

You need to be:

  • A fluent English speaker.
  • Not a media planner, editor or journalist. This is a hands-on product marketing role that’s not just about producing words, but rather, figuring out the right words and strategy for a brand.
  • Able to think strategically about the high-level stuff, but also able to create copy narrative (and possibly wireframes) to communicate your message.
  • Experienced with launching marketing websites for businesses, products and services.
  • Able to think beyond just a website and understand how a website can fit into the wider digital ‘ecosystem’: in short, how the website is supported and boosted by everything else that goes into a successful online product launch.
  • Comfortable collaborating remotely with our visual designers, developers and project managers.
  • Happy working in a team: we don’t take on projects solo, so you need to be willing to have at least 2-3 hours of timezone overlap each day with our team (who are mainly in Western Europe).

Please note, this is an individual position and isn’t open to agencies. We’re also not interested in talking to recruiters.

p.s. A small (but important) note on diversity

One thing that we are committed to improving is the diversity of our team. We'd consider ourselves a pretty diverse bunch of people, geographically speaking: we have teammates of many different nationalities, working from multiple locations and with some very diverse personal interests.

We're keen on receiving applications from everyone regardless of their gender, race, location, age, sexual orientation, and background. So don't hesitate to get in touch :)