JavaScript Engineers

Are you a web developer who really loves JavaScript? We’re growing our team this year and we want to talk to engineers who’d like to join us.

Dates & Timeline

We're looking to hire throughout the year as we meet the right people.


We're a remote team so we'll hire from anywhere, but you'll need to make sure you can get some overlap with our engineers on the UTC+1 timezone in Europe

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At Hanno, we’re on a mission to become one of the world’s best remote teams and to create a humanised work culture for all kinds of designers and engineers.

That means exciting technical challenges, meaningful projects (with great clients), supportive teammates, lots of autonomy and a solid work-life balance. To find out more about our culture and the way we work, check out our Playbook!

We’re taking on more and more exciting JavaScript projects with our clients, which means we need extra hands to help build them. We’re a small team who love working together, so culture fit is a big deal for us: we don’t want to post a desperate job advert on a hiring board just before we start a project. We’re looking to meet experienced and reliable engineers, get to know you better and see where that relationship heads in the future.

Are you an engineer who’s excited about taking on responsibility and wants to play a big part in building a great engineering culture? We should talk!

What sort of things will we be working on together?

You’ll be working most closely with our current tech lead, Marcel, but you’ll also get to know (and do plenty of work with) other people in the team, from designers and strategists to project managers.

We’re not a startup, but our way of working is lean and startup-inspired. We work on lots of ‘greenfield’ projects so there are tons of chances to work with exciting new tech. We’re passionate about delivering great UX and building the right product for our customers, not just the one they think they might need.

Some typical projects might include…

  • Building web and mobile apps using JS frameworks like React, React Native, Ionic and Angular on ES6/Babel, with MongoDB and node.js on the server. (here’s one we built recently).
  • Building modern marketing websites: we like using JS-based static site generators like Gatsby and Metalsmith and content delivery APIs.
  • Building and validating prototypes and ideas: being a key part of the UX process with our designers, helping our team and clients to evaluate design decisions from a technical perspective.
  • Setting up and improving technical project workflows and CI/CD to get great engineering embedded into our client’s teams and on all our own projects.
  • Talking to clients (both corporate and startup ones): getting to know them and their business needs and scoping out their needs.
  • Handling device and browser testing on different platforms, making sure we have a solid QA process in place.

What’s the next step?

  1. Send us a message! Even if you’re working in another team right now and you’re not looking for a new role, send us one anyway. It’s always great to get to know more people.
  2. If we get along, we’ll try to find a way to work together on a small, real-world trial project together when the time is right (paid, of course!)
  3. If that goes well and we think there’s a good fit, we’ll work together to find a way to make this a longer-term thing, with a full-time offer, which will include the full bunch of core Hanno shipmate perks, including a minimum of 35 days a year of paid holiday, paid team retreats and plenty more!

Essential requirements

  • At least 5 years of experience in web development with frontend technologies: HTML, CSS JavaScript, cross-browser testing and build workflows (Webpack, Grunt, Gulp etc…).
  • Several years of JavaScript experience and a good understanding of the language and its ecosystem. Ideally 1-2 years of React experience and a basic understanding of React Native.
  • Willingness to get timezone overlap with our team: we try to protect everyone and avoid crazy working hours, but right now our team is on a European timezone, so you’ll need to arrange for at least a few hours of overlap each day with them.
  • You need to be a fluent English speaker. We work mainly with international, English-speaking clients, so great communication is a must.

Please note, this is an individual position and isn’t open to agencies. We’re also not interested in talking to recruiters.

p.s. A small (but important) note on diversity

One thing that we are committed to improving is the diversity of our team. We'd consider ourselves a pretty diverse bunch of people, geographically speaking: we have teammates of many different nationalities, working from multiple locations and with some very diverse personal interests.

We're keen on receiving applications from everyone regardless of their gender, race, location, age, sexual orientation, and background. So don't hesitate to get in touch :)