Perspectives from 10 years of digital product development as a distributed team.

Feb 2020
HealthRedesigned Season 3 is now available
We're back with another round of conversations on the state of the digital health space.
May 2019
HealthRedesigned is back for Season 2
What's next on HealthRedesigned—our weekly podcast on building digital products for better health & wellness.
Feb 2018
White paper: How to build digital health products that users love and trust
A guide to building digital health products that win the hearts and minds of users.
Nov 2017
Case Study: Launching a life-saving new blood pressure monitor online with Omron
How we designed, validated and launched a fantastic website and EVOLV's digital launch plan
Nov 2017
The State of Hanno: Our new focus on health & sustainability
Why we’ve chosen to focus our work around the two causes we’re most passionate about.
Oct 2017
Case Study: Launching an iOS and Android app for a viral product with Prepd
How we built, beta tested and publicly launched a high-performance, custom-backend React-Native app for Prepd
May 2017
Team retreat: a week of surfboards and yoga mats in Sri Lanka
At the end of March this year, we packed our bags, left our laptops at home and boarded flights from two different continents to meet up in Mirissa, Sri Lanka for our sixth and most chilled out team trip.
May 2017
Lean and flexible content with Contentful
We’ve written previously in the Logbook about some of the challenges of building a mobile app in React Native for our recent project with Prepd. This article will give you another peek behind the curtain at how we tried to make a great user experience for content editors and app users.
Mar 2017
MobX: a Redux alternative you should consider
When it comes to managing app state in React, people usually default to Redux. I'll explain why we chose Mobx instead, and why you should consider it too.
Feb 2017
How to automate your React Native deployment workflow using Bitrise
An important part or our process while building Prepd was deployment. Read on to understand how Bitrise helped us save some hours of work every day.
Jan 2017
Building Prepd: the pros and cons of launching a product with React Native
In this post, we talk about how we used React Native to launch an iOS and Android app for Prepd, a Kickstarter-backed physical lunch box product.
Sep 2016
5 Tools to power your remote workflow
A few new tools we've started using recently to help sail our remote ship.
Jul 2016
Team retreat: back to the future in Valencia
Find out what we got up to in our recent team trip to Valencia.
Jun 2016
Path to React Native: from Rookie to Rockstar
A handy guide to help you master React and React Native a lot quicker!
Jun 2016
Case Study: Making assistive technology accessible with Ava
How we helped Ava team overcome some of their biggest challenges, with our 5-Day Sprint process
Mar 2016
The State of Hanno: March 2016
A year ago now, on the back of a really financially strong 2014, we knew it was time to take the next step. Here's how it went.
Feb 2016
On handling stress and creative projects
We all get stressed, sometimes. That’s just part of life. But are there ways we can handle it better?
Feb 2016
Lessons from a year of side projects
Building products for yourself is a whole lot more difficult than doing it for clients. Jon explores where we went wrong last year.
Dec 2015
How businesses can benefit from short sprints
Working in sprints is something both small and big businesses can do to help their teams be more creative. But we can’t talk about sprints without talking about agile businesses first.
Nov 2015
The State of Hanno: November 2015
Open sourcing our company operations manual a year ago in our Playbook was a pretty big deal for us at the time. Here's how it all panned out.
Oct 2015
How we used lean design to help refugees in Berlin
How can we use the power of lean design to help refugees arriving in Berlin? Marcel shows us how a social startup can be built in a single weekend.
Oct 2015
Team retreat: Rethinking our social purpose in Croatia
Anyone who’s familiar with the game Two Truths, One Lie can start taking a guess as to which of the following statements are true or false: 1) remote teams benefit hugely from going on team retreats, 2) Hanno has gone on 4 team retreats, 3) post-its aren’t practical for remote teams. Let’s start by looking at the first one...
Jul 2015
Oskar the Slackbot is now open source
We’re glad to announce that our Slackbot 'Oskar' is open source. You can now check out our public GitHub repository to clone and fork it.
Jun 2015
Oskar: from idea to execution
Taking a product from idea to execution is never easy. In this post, we show you the technical challenges we faced when creating our very own internal tool.
Jun 2015
Case Study: Getting to launch with one of the Bay Area's hottest finance startups — Mirror
6 weeks to revamp UI, UX, branding, messaging and marketing site for Mirror's product and platform