Perspectives from 10 years of digital product development as a distributed team.

Jon sitting in front of a fireplace
VideoJan 2018

Why digital health?

Mobile phone showing Prepd application
Video2010 - 2017

Mixtape: Selected client works

Website showing Omron EVOLV homepage
VideoSep 2017

Case Study: Launching the OMRON EVOLV

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VideoApr 2017

Team Retreat: Sri Lanka

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May 2021
Announcing our SaMD Playbook: How we build digital health products
Way back in 2014, we published the first version of Hanno’s Playbook. It was our way of documenting Hanno’s operating model, which at the time was considered a quite unconventional way of working.
The Hanno team in the Dolomites, in front of a sunset
May 2021
The State of Hanno: May 2021
I can hardly believe it’s been three and a half years since our last State of Hanno. If you’re a regular reader, you might have wondered whether things had gone awry, given how infrequently we’ve posted in the Journal since then.
Feb 2020
HealthRedesigned Season 3 is now available
Time flies! It might feel like only a few short months since we announced the last season of HealthRedesigned, but we've been hard at work recording the next set of episodes.
May 2019
HealthRedesigned is back for Season 2
Last season in our podcast, we spoke to pioneers in the digital health space from across the world and gained insight into how they’re using design and technology to build life-changing digital products. We had thousands of downloads and hundreds of regular listeners tuning in to the show.
Illustration of hand navigating a tablet application
Feb 2018
White paper: How to build digital health products that users love and trust
A guide to building digital health products that win the hearts and minds of users.
Jon sitting in front of a fireplace
Jan 2018
Why health?
Filmed on our team retreat in January 2018 and previously published on the front page of this site, here's a short video explaining our shift into digital health.
Nov 2017
Case Study: Launching a life-saving new blood pressure monitor online with Omron
How we designed, validated and launched a fantastic website and EVOLV's digital launch plan
Nov 2017
The State of Hanno: Our new focus on health & sustainability
Why we’ve chosen to focus our work around the two causes we’re most passionate about.
Oct 2017
Case Study: Launching an iOS and Android app for a viral product with Prepd
How we built, beta tested and publicly launched a high-performance, custom-backend React-Native app for Prepd
Jan 2017
Building Prepd: the pros and cons of launching a product with React Native
In this post, we talk about how we used React Native to launch an iOS and Android app for Prepd, a Kickstarter-backed physical lunch box product.
Jun 2016
Case Study: Making assistive technology accessible with Ava
How we helped Ava team overcome some of their biggest challenges, with our 5-Day Sprint process
Jun 2015
Case Study: Getting to launch with one of the Bay Area's hottest finance startups — Mirror
6 weeks to revamp UI, UX, branding, messaging and marketing site for Mirror's product and platform
May 2015
Case Study: Helping a young startup uncover their potential and win user growth — Zirx
Since our very first sprint ZIRX managed to secure a total of $36.4 million in funding and continued to expand rapidly
Apr 2014
Helipads, durian, angry monkeys and building websites
The team tells all, on 6 weeks of working and living in close proximity in Malaysia and Hong Kong.
Person holding an iPhone with mobile Uber website displayed
Jan 2013
Getting 15,000 Uber drivers on the road
How we helped Uber to rethink their driver recruitment in just 2 weeks