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10 European front-end conferences to attend this year

With the new year just having started, I thought it would be a good moment to share with everyone which conferences I’m planning to attend or speak at in 2015.

For this purpose I usually put together a schedule of events that I want to visit at the beginning of the year, with a particular focus on those that have an open call for papers. Here’s my list of favorites so far:

booster Bergen / 11th-13th March

I immediately empathised with the creators of this conference when reading the phrase “…the lack of communication is one of the industry’s biggest problems”. This conference focuses on short lightning talks and hands-on workshops, where people learn together in small groups about a particular subject.

The call for papers is still open until January 14th.

Smashing Conference Oxford / 17th-18th March

Who doesn’t know Smashing Conf? Because seats are very limited here, this is probably going to be sold out in the next couple of weeks. As always, brilliant speaker line up including the legendary Jake Archibald and performance guru Paul Lewis. With seven full day workshops on the first and last day there’s no doubt that this event is going to take your front-end and responsive web design skills to the next level.

Future of Web Design London / 27th-29th April

A classic among the web design conferences. Every year, this conference provides excellent presentations from some of the best people in the industry. Surely one that shouldn’t be missed, although not as affordable as other, smaller conferences.

The call for papers is still open until January 27th.

frontTrends Warsaw / 6th-8th May

With speakers from all over the world, this conference promises to be an interesting one for people in Poland and Eastern Europe. Confirmed speakers are among others Todd Motto from Google and Tim Kadlec, the author of Implementing Responsive Design. Since this is a three day event, we can probably expect a lot more to be announced in the next couple of weeks.

beyond tellerrand Düsseldorf / 9th-13th May

A conference that I have personally visited in 2013 and which I consider one of the best in Germany. Though the focus is not specifically technical and is kept rather broad, the topics are usually very relevant for front-end developers as well. They cover everything from design over marketing, to typography and business.

upFront Manchester / 18th-19th May

A pure front-end conference, where we can probably expect plenty of talks about the topics of responsive web design, tooling, performance and the likes. Brad Frost and Alicia Sedlock have been confirmed as speakers so for. But you know what? One of the speakers could be you as well.

The call for papers ends on February 27th.

uxLx Lisbon / 3rd-5th June

This conference is a three-day event with talks on day two, sandwiched by two workshop days about design, research and strategy. Speakers are among others Stephen Hay (author of Responsive Design Workflow) and Josh Seiden (author of Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience). Friends that visited the conference in the past told me that it’s a must for people in the UX industry.

fullStackFast Barcelona / 1st-5th September

Another conference that I have visited myself last year. It’s name has changed from FutureJS to FullStackFest, now that it’s been combined with the rubicon conference, which was run by the same people. In my opinion this is a great move to deliver the content of both of these great events to a bigger audience.

generateConf London / 17th-18th September

With the third edition of this event, Generate makes it unmistakably clear that it’s here to stay. That’s not a surprise though, because Generate conferences are presented by the .net magazine. It’s an event where diversity and experience matter, which is why the soon-to-be-announced speaker line up is probably going to cover a wide range of top presenters.

From the front / 17th-18th September

I visited this event in 2012, which was their second year. The venue is stunning and the speaker line-up is usually of a very high quality. On top of that, you can enjoy the lovely city of Bologna and enjoy some awesome Italian food. Usually there are workshops on day one, and a full day of talks on day two.

Image credit: Sebastiaan ter Burg

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