Perspectives from 10 years of digital product development as a distributed team.

Sep 2014
Arnas’ story
A story about being in a rut, opportunities and taking risks. How I met the right people, who helped me turn my life around.
Aug 2014
Pairing: a whole lot more than just better quality code
For a long time, I was intrigued by the possibility of pairing, but didn't think it could easily be applied within a more design-focused team that works primarily with startups, rather than enterprise clients who are flush with cash.
Jul 2014
Zsolt’s story
A story about how kindness, small things and luck can drive to new opportunities.
Jun 2014
Running faster retrospectives to help your team learn and grow quicker
It’s only natural that left to our own devices, people will get caught up in the day-to-day and not necessarily take the time to look back, analyse, and figure out how to improve. If that’s the case, you can find yourself repeating the same mistakes over and over again.
Jun 2014
How we’re getting into design and development pairing, remotely
You might well have heard about ‘pair programming’. We’ve started to introduce it into our own workflow, and so far, we like what we see!
Jun 2014
Marcel is a Shipmate
Introducing the newest member of the Hanno team, why he joined and how he reached us.
Jun 2014
Eat. Work. Sleep. Repeat.
2 weeks into my stay in Bali, it’s already becoming clear why so many people come here for a short stay, and never leave the island.
May 2014
The 6 ages of an agency
My journey so far, from freelancer, to agency founder over the last 4 years—and how I’ve been trying to build a more sustainable business.
Apr 2014
Helipads, durian, angry monkeys and building websites
The team tells all, on 6 weeks of working and living in close proximity in Malaysia and Hong Kong.
Feb 2014
Figuring out a better way to run a design consultancy
The last few months have been important ones for us - as a team, we really feel that we're starting to figure out a better way to do what we do.
Oct 2013
Mythbusting: an inside look at remote working
We talk to Marcel Kalveram - a man who is no stranger to the challenges of remote team working - about his thoughts on the lifestyle.
Sep 2013
Levelling up in St Petersburg
On finally meeting the guy I've worked with remotely for the last 2 years.
Aug 2013
Creativity, Travels and Co-Working
Matt talks to our friends at Workether about our co-working experience in Valencia.
Jul 2013
Practicing what you preach
Why relocating our team to Valencia for 2 months was the best decision we've ever made.
Person holding an iPhone with mobile Uber website displayed
Jan 2013
Getting 15,000 Uber drivers on the road
How we helped Uber to rethink their driver recruitment in just 2 weeks