JournalNov 2017

Case Study: Launching a life-saving new blood pressure monitor online with Omron

Omron had invested heavily in building a game-changing new physical product: a blood pressure monitor called EVOLV. It was a major milestone for their company and a successful launch was crucial.

They'd done their homework and already had a ton of market research, along with a plan for their physical launch in stores across the UK and Europe. Now, they needed Hanno to help them figure out how to pull off a successful launch online.

Everything we did together on this project was focused around making sure that we didn't just build a slick marketing website, but also figured out the best way to position the product and convince people to buy it.

That would be a challenge under the best of circumstances, but even more so when your target user group is highly sceptical of home blood pressure monitoring: a large proportion of EVOLV's target users were either unaware of their need to monitor their blood pressure or were extremely reluctant to start doing it because they didn't want to be reminded of their condition every time they took the device out of the drawer.

To solve this required user testing. A lot of user testing! Over 20 hours of it in fact, just to find the best way to overcome that barrier and help potential users understand how the product could be genuinely life-saving.

3 months later we'd designed, validated and launched a fantastic website and digital launch plan together, on time and on budget.

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Jon Lay

Jon is a Partner at Hanno. He wears many hats, but his primary focus is on leading our engineering and technical operations.