We're a small but focused engineering team with plenty of experience building web and mobile apps!

This Playbook, which is currently in active development, is a starting place to allow us to document the tools and processes we use to build apps. We'll be continually adding new articles and information to help others understand the way we work.

What type of projects do we take on?

Our core-strength is on the front-end side of things, rather than in heavy backend and DevOps work.

We support Hanno's UX and design teams to implement amazing product experiences, but we also function as a standalone engineering team for hire and collaborate with startups and companies who have their own designers.

We focus mainly on:

  • Web and mobile apps with JavaScript frameworks such as React or Angular
  • Native apps with React Native
  • Static websites with HTML/CSS/JS

While we also do back-end development (we’re familiar with node.js, PHP and a little Ruby) and often build out small products and helper applications, we typically avoid building out entire production-ready APIs and backends.

That’s simply because we can’t guarantee the best possible quality here in terms of security, scalability and our own resources. There are other teams that are more experienced and efficient with backend API work and we’ll happily recommend and partner up with these where necessary.

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What have you delivered so far?

The best way to see our previous work is to check out Hanno's case studies. Some highlights include:

  • Building a React Native app for Android and iOS for Prepd (we took care of all code and some UX on the project).
  • Implementing a great frontend marketing web experience with Stratim (Hanno was in charge of all design, strategy and code on the project). We also built out a full modular style system and living style guide for Stratim's web app.
  • Building a lightning-fast series of marketing websites for Lenovo, including a custom content API to enable the marketing website to operate as a static site hosted on a CDN.
  • Supporting an engineering team at Mirror (a bitcoin startup in San Francisco) in launching their website and web app. We took care of the frontend build for their app, while their in-house team built an API and worked on the business logic behind the scenes, which we integrated with.
  • Building our own micro-products and backend services to improve work at Hanno. Such as Oskar (a node-based Slackbot which we've open-sourced) to improve cohesiveness and openness on our remote team.
  • Planning, managing and building fully-functional products and startups like PingPong, a Python-based app for scheduling and running user research and interviews.

Who works on Engineering at Hanno?

We have a small, experienced core engineering team.

Depending on the scope and budget of the project, we also work with external specialists on projects. That's often the case when we work on an existing app which uses a specific technology or framework, but also applies when we work on larger projects and need a bigger team to get the job done on time.

We’re very careful when hiring external developers and have a solid process to try and guarantee that they’re a good cultural fit and will benefit the project.

Usually, the responsibility for finding and selecting the right person is ours, but we’re happy to work with contractors that the client brings into the project as well, as long as there’s a good fit, culturally and with our processes.

Do you think you could be a great addition to our team? Check out our jobs page for more details.