We’ve been approached a couple of times by startups who had already built out their entire backend and API, but asked us to help out with the front-end/UI development. This is a very common approach (especially in mobile development) as you don’t have to share any sensitive information about your business, and the mobile team can focus all their efforts on building a solid user interface, accessing the application logic only via its public API endpoints.

We have built apps this way before (e.g. Prepd and Mirror) and would be able to build a prototype based on the mockups you’ve put together.

We recommend the following process to get to market in the most efficient way and with as little risk as possible:

  1. Pick the most critical, easily buildable features of your app. Prioritise features based on business/user value and cost/complexity. Build the most cost-effective features first.
  2. Build the first prototype as quickly as possible
  3. Roll out a beta version, and start doing user tests to validate the product. Get user feedback and do extensive testing.
  4. Only start adding new features after your business idea has been sufficiently validated.