Engineering work for ‘marketing websites’ is essentially frontend development for web pages you use to market your business: your public facing website rather than your app or “product”.

We work closely with either the Hanno design team or with your own designers, to make sure that the website which gets delivered performs brilliantly on a technical level.

The focus is usually on the content and design though rather than on heavy engineering and technical work: we usually work with a design team of three people (including designers and content strategists) with one or two developers in a supporting role.

Our marketing site development approach

When building marketing sites, even Hanno’s designers will typically start designing and prototyping ideas in code as soon as possible. Even if our designers are working with Sketch, our aim is to quickly move things into code so we can test solutions with potential customers/user, gather feedback and then incorporate that feedback into our next iteration.

Content delivery and hosting

We’re flexible about content delivery for marketing sites: either we’ll connect a content API to enable our client to manage their own content, or if they’re tech-savvy and have a team who are comfortable tweaking HTML, we might deliver the site as a static website. It really depends on the client, timeline and budget.