The team's Weekly Updates are currently sent out by Jon. They're posted to the team via an Asana announcement message every Monday.

Structure and content

There are a few recurring sections in the update:

  • Current status is a short update from Jon with his perspective on where we're at right now.
  • Cash flow shows the financial summary for the team right now, including all major incoming and outgoing funds and debts. 
  • Team news, travelling and moods give a quick update on where everyone is located and what they're up to. It's partly based on the "Time Off" section in Forecast.
  • Projects work through our active sprints and internal projects and also sums up the major client consulting pitches that we're working on at the moment.

Creating the weekly update

There's a recurring Asana task to tackle this on Mondays--it's currently held by Jon, but can be passed to other people when he's on holiday.

It gets stored in the Weekly Updates > YYYY folder on Google Drive.

Whoever is responsible for it, should:

  • Take last week's update
  • Clone it
  • Edit the file name and date
  • Fill in the sections.