The team's Weekly Updates are currently sent out by Jon. They're posted to the team via an Asana announcement message every Monday.

Structure and content

There are a few recurring sections in the update:

  • Current status is a short update from Jon with his perspective on where we're at right now.
  • Cash flow shows the financial summary for the team right now, including all major incoming and outgoing funds and debts. 
  • Team news, travelling and moods give a quick update on where everyone is located and what they're up to. It's partly based on the "Time Off" section in Forecast.
  • Projects work through our active sprints and internal projects and also sums up the major client consulting pitches that we're working on at the moment.

Creating the weekly update

There's a recurring Asana task to tackle this on Mondays--it's currently held by Jon, but can be passed to other people when he's on holiday.

It gets stored in the Weekly Updates folder on Google Drive.

Whoever is responsible for it, should:

  • Clone last week's update
  • Edit the file name and date
  • Fill in the sections.