Our mission

We believe that design has the power to solve some of the greatest challenges facing humanity.

Our mission is to help brilliant, socially motivated organisations that want to take on major social problems related to health & wellness.

Our Values

Never settle.

  • Be pioneers. Don’t accept the status quo--use our skills to find better ways of doing and being.
  • Grow. Fulfill our potential. Constantly push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. Create a culture of learning and continuous improvement in everything we do.

Design a better world.

  • Maximise good. Find ways to create the biggest possible positive impact on the world.
  • Help, empower and educate. Lead by example and be role models. Use and share our knowledge and skills to make others better off. Inspire others to follow our path.
  • Be stewards. Leave things in a better place than we find them. Work for the good of people and the planet. Plant the seeds that will benefit future generations.

Be authentic.

  • Bring our whole selves to work. Be true to who we are, and mindful of others. Act with honesty and integrity: always do what we promise we’ll do.
  • Work in the open. Default to transparency. Share the good and the bad. Don't hide from difficult situations or challenges.
  • Put purpose above profit. Be motivated to achieve our purpose not to relentlessly pursue profit. Where there’s purpose, everything else follows.

Stay humble.

  • Keep our egos in check. Work to serve others, not to further our own cause. Be a better version of you.
  • Trust in the wisdom of the team. As a collective, we are stronger than the individual. Make space for every voice to be heard.
  • Treat feedback as a gift. Accept and give it fearlessly.

Take responsibility.

  • Make things happen. Actively look to own roles, seize opportunities and be proactive for the benefit of the team.
  • Use your common sense. When in doubt, do what feels right.
  • Get things done. Work smarter, and achieve maximum results with sustainable effort.

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