We pass on these skills by coaching and consulting with other organisations to upskill their own teams with our culture change consulting.

What type of skills can we teach?

  • Transparency
  • Remote work
  • Autonomy and self-management
  • Organisational and individual purpose
  • Lean process
  • Design thinking workshops and coaching

For teams building a digital product, we can also deliver design-specific advice and help you to rethink your design and development with our UX coaching and product management workshops.

How do we help with cultural change?

Most often, we’ll approach a cultural change challenge like this:

  1. A team leader or manager within an organisation will get in touch to discuss their organisational change challenges. We’ll sit down and have a call or a meeting to try to understand exactly what they’re struggling with
  2. Where we can, we’ll offer advice and point them in the direction of existing resources and guides we’ve published which might be a good starting point if you’d like to try and solve these problems on your own.
  3. If it seems like there’s a need for us to be more hands-on, we can come up with some more practical ways for us to come in and help you implement cultural change and discuss a paid project together.

Cultural change is a tricky thing and is hard to achieve in a single ‘big bang’. Our hands-on work can be any combination of workshops, consulting, interviews and research. It all depends on the size of your organisation and exactly what you’re trying to achieve:

  • For some clients, a focused workshop around a particular challenge might be the boost you need in order to get things moving.
  • For others, that workshop might be better delivered as an off site, where we spend several days or a full week teaching a new skill like design thinking to an entire team.
  • If you’re a large company, we might partner with you on a specific project with one of your teams so that they can learn the ‘Hanno way’ while applying it to a practical project.
  • In a large corporation which wants to try and cultivate innovation without allowing internal processes to interfere, we might set up a skunkworks operation or an ‘innovation bunker’ to help you explore new ideas.
  • Or we might line up an ongoing relationship where we spend time with your team over the course of several months or years as an external advisor who can coach, consult and mentor your team over a longer period of time.

As always, the best way to tackle cultural change will depend on the problems you’re struggling with and the way your organisation operates.

Who we’ve worked with

We’ve worked with everyone from growing startups to huge public companies to help them upgrade their culture and processes:

  • We worked with Betfair’s CEO and innovation team on a hands-on project to set up an innovation lab to focus on new and innovative business ideas. We took a business problem they were looking to address and took this on as a real project using design thinking and rapid prototyping to develop and test potential solutions, openly sharing our progress. Their team followed along with the whole process and participated at different points, before we presented the final concept to business leaders.
  • We helped Stratim to implement a lean UX and kanban workflow for their product development, including regular user testing and research reviews of new features before and after development. 3 Hanno shipmates worked alongside Stratim’s internal team to upskill them and bring together many different people involved in the product development and get them on the same page.
  • We’ve also run a large number of workshops on remote work, including our REMOTIFY workshop, which teach smaller teams the skills and processes they need in order to make remote work a success. 

If you think that Hanno could help out your team with culture challenges and processes, we’d love to hear from you!