Starting an organisation and instilling a clear sense of purpose is hard. Keeping that purpose and direction as your organisation scales and matures is even harder.

What we do

We work with both startups and large corporates to:

  • Understand why your organisation exists and help you to vocalise this
  • Determine your organisation's goals and vision.
  • And get your entire team aligned around a common purpose and mission.

Here's a look inside one of our recent strategy projects with Stratim:

How we do it

The exact approach we pick is as varied as the many companies we’ve worked with! But we draw from a range of techniques including:

  • Team workshops and interviews, to learn how you and your team views your mission
  • Research and consulting on how your competitors position themselves
  • Running design thinking exercises to uncover new opportunities and identify the best path for your organisation.
  • Coaching, mentoring and workshops to instill the new vision across the team as part of our culture change work

Who we’ve worked with

We draw from our experience working with startups and young organisations, but have also worked with a lot of extremely large ones too. Some examples are: 

  • Helping Stratim, a funded startup in San Francisco, to identify and then communicate a compelling vision of the future of transportation. We carried out a 2 month strategy and positioning project with their team, starting off with researching and understanding their market and business, before moving on to brand strategy and positioning and eventually, delivery of marketing assets to communicate all of this.
  • Working with Betfair’s CEO and innovation team to set up an innovation lab to focus on company projects. We helped them to strategise future business directions and build and test new products.
  • Working with a large international healthcare organisation (subject to NDA) to launch a new product outside their traditional marketing channels.

How can we help you?

To kick off work on organisational purpose, we recommend that you simply get in touch and we can organise a friendly chat. There’s no need to come prepared with a complete understanding of exactly what you need to do: we’re skilled at extracting that information from teams. We’ll take care of figuring out the logistics!