We don't just design great-looking websites and apps. We're also capable of building fully-featured digital products too!

Think of us as a UX engineering team - a crew of design-focused developers who can make sure that the performance of your final product lives up to the great design work that came before us.

What we do best: a focus on the front-end

Our core-strength is on the front-end side of product engineering, rather than in heavy backend or DevOps work. That means we're especially great at:

While we also do backend development and often build out small products, prototypes and helper applications for clients, we typically avoid building out entire production-ready APIs and backends for mass-user products.

Where we do need to deliver an API or backend service on a project, we have a great network of backend engineering partners who we've worked with on past projects. We'll work with them to make sure that every part of your product engineering is taken care of.

Don't have your own engineers?

If you don't have any software developers on your team (yet), we're able to take the lead and guide you through every part of the engineering process. Check out our work with Prepd to see how this can work.

If you've approached Hanno for help to build an entirely new product from scratch, our engineers will work closely with our UX and design teams to take your product all the way from wireframes to release in the app store and beyond.

If you already have your own designers or are already working with a design team, that's no problem at all: we play well with others and we also function as a standalone engineering team for hire.

Do have your own engineers?

That's great, too! It's really common for us to team up with clients who already have a few in-house engineers. We can help you out with:

  • Full product development: Taking charge of building a new product while your team is busy maintaining your existing products.
  • Owning your product frontend: We can step in to take over the frontend engineering for your product (HTML, CSS & JS) while you focus your team's resources on the backend, business logic and API work, which will power all your products. We'll take charge of building a fantastic frontend experience which then interacts with that API.
  • Engineering team augmentation: We love working closely with engineering teams. This might seem intimidating if you've not worked remotely before, but we're remote work experts and have done this time and time again. We can up skill your current team in frontend technologies and even help you to improve your own engineering process while working on a project.

Think you might have a project for us?

We love talking about building great products! Even if you're at the very early stages of your product development and aren't yet sure of the best way to launch a product with your budget, we'd love to talk to you.

Send us a message and let's organise a friendly video chat to talk about how we could work together.

If you're looking to dig deep and find out everything about how we operate as an engineering team, check out our full Engineering Playbook.