When you're in a remote team, you need to make sure you're well set up to be productive and to communicate smoothly, as well as having a good ergonomic setup which will protect your body!

We have a genrous equipment budget available for accessories and also to help you set up an ergonomic home office if you intend to work from home.

We believe that investing in decent equipment is a decision that pays for itself.


The microphone on your laptop is not good enough for working in a serious remote environment. You'll need to pick up a replacement which is one of the following:

  • A headset mic or a gaming headset which holds the microphone in front of your face, rather than hanging down near your neck.
  • A desktop mic. The Audio-Technica AT2020USBI is our current pick as a strong performer if you aren't relocating frequently and have a private office to work from. You'll need a desk mount or a boom arm to use it effectively.
  • A clip-on microphone - although you will need to hold this near to your mouth in order to get good audio, so this is a distinct third choice.


Just like the microphone, the built-in webcam on your computer is a weak option for serious remote work. Our current tried and tested recommendations are as follows:

  • The Logitech C920 is a cheap and very effective camera which is a good option if you're travelling frequently or have poor wifi speed (which won't handle high-resolution cameras).
  • The Logitech BRIO is a pricier option but is future-proofed. It's our recommendation for any shipmates who have a stable home office and decent internet connection because of the improved colour handling and lens quality.

We recommend checking this article for updates in future.

Laptop Stands

Don't hunch over a laptop and screw up your spine! Most of us have laptop stands for travelling, even if we have home offices. Our current recommendation is the Roost stand.


This is quite a personal decision but the main upshot is that you shouldn't be using that Macbook keyboard and should find a more ergonomic option. There are some great recommendations here - Jon highly recommends his Matias Ergo Pro, if you're willing to go for a crazy option.

Whichever keyboard you buy, don't forget that if you put it in your suitcase and travel with it, there's a high chance that one of the keys will pop off and break, rendering it useless. So, take precautions! Wrap the keyboard up in cloth, or buy some sort of carrying case for it 😉


Your laptop trackpad sucks if you're using it for 8 hours a day and those Apple Magic Mice aren't much good either.

Getting an ergonomic mouse will help you with that wrist pain and most of our team have one of the options from the Logitech MX range. The Performance MX and the MX Master are both good options. Read more here.

Other kit

Ask the team if you'd like more advice on chairs, desks (including building your own standing desk) and other stuff. As long-term remotees, we have a lot of knowledge on this stuff!