One of our most important cultural values is that we will never settle. This means we work really hard to help our shipmates grow.

These calls were originally carried out by Jon. As we scale, we're gradually going to transition them to a team responsibility, as far as possible.


We'll need:

  • A coach
  • A subject

You'll have 2x calls per month. One as the coach, and the other as the subject. The goal is to speak for 1hr on each call so that you get a proper space to talk about what you're struggling with.

Ahead of the call

The coach will send over a brief 'conversation starter' to the shipmate a day or two ahead of the call with two pieces of feedback:

  1. Here's something I thought you did really well last month... I'd like to recognise your hard work on this.
  2. Here's something that you seemed to be struggling with... I'd like to hear your side of the story on this, so I can understand your problem better.

And for prep work:

  • The shipmate should ensure their OKRs are up-to-date
  • Both the shipmate and the coach should review the shipmate's OKRs
  • A time slot should be booked into their calendars

The call

What's on your mind?

The format of the call is up to the participants. But we usually:

  • Kick off with this question: "What's on your mind?"
  • Dedicate some time to talking about what was good
  • Dedicate some more time to talking about tough problems and challenges, both last month, and also coming up soon
  • Discuss progress on their OKRs

Ground Rules

  • The shipmate leads the call and talks about things they want to discuss.
  • The coach is not a manager. The coach should not give commands or prescriptions--they're only able to ask questions and offer advice if that's requested. But they should actively avoid trying to impose their views onto the situation. They're there as a sounding board, not a problem-fixer.