While we understand the need for everyone in the team to be able to hit deep focus, we also believe that teams build better products together than any one person can by themselves. To accomplish this, we make sure that regular team calls are a built into every workday.

We have a heavy emphasis on spontaneous pairing within our team, particularly when it’s between people with different skills.

This is a little different to our weekly buddy calls as it's more extensive and runs for a longer time. Pairing sessions can occasionally be short, but they're often an hour or more - just like sitting down with a teammate in the office to work on a problem together.

In fact, it's most often used for exactly that: teaming up to overcome a problem. Daily pairing on our team is strongly encouraged: it helps build up skills within the team, improves code quality (if we're referring to engineering), and keeps communication strong on projects. We also feel that it leads to better results because team members can collaborate with each other.

We use Skype or Zoom for internal pairing sessions, and also frequently pair on Google Docs while a video call is running.