is German and currently in Valencia.

Marcel is a technical lead with a passion for JavaScript.

Marcel has been developing software since he was a child, typing assembler code from late 80s computer magazines into his C64. His steely determination and patient manner were born from afternoons spent trying to fix syntax errors and understand his first programming language, BASIC.

A true Hanno nomad, Marcel moved from his native Germany several years ago, to settle in sunny Valencia, Spain. That’s where he originally met Jon and Matt, when they visited on our first team trip, in 2013 — a chance encounter that let to a great friendship, and to him eventually joining the team exactly one year later.

Marcel is a highly experienced web developer and project manager, who cut his teeth as a freelancer while studying, and upon graduating from university, worked as the CTO of a larger agency in Germany for several years.

Even though he’s worked remotely for a long time and enjoys the flexibility and perks that it brings, he gets great satisfaction from living up to the German stereotype of routine, discipline, and ruthless efficiency. His biggest strength, and also his major weakness, is the attention to detail, and the tough demands he places upon himself.

Only some live football, along with a chilled beer, can help him wind down and forget about unfinished to-do lists and trying out new, life-improving habits. Then, he quickly transforms from a deep thinker into a rowdy rapscallion.