is Malaysian and currently in London.

Content & social media marketer, recovering waffleholic and never too far away from a warm mug of matcha latte.

Pam is a content marketer and content strategist with an aversion to boring, corporate copy that make users want to take a catnap.

Before she joined forces with Hanno, she worked in media and communications and helped clients win at various projects including content production for a celebrity blogger, handling branding and PR for F&B brands, enticing people to improve their English, and handling email marketing for a unicorn startup.

Pam first met the Hanno crew when they travelled to Malaysia on one of their more adventurous team retreats, and has been involved with the team ever since.

Even if you’ve not been exposed to her copy and content on our blog and social media, you’ll certainly have experienced her emoji wrangling on our Twitter account.

Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Pam now splits her time between Malaysia and the UK.

Thanks to her upbringing in the spicy food-heaven that is Malaysia, chillies are almost always present in her meals.