is Russian and currently in Turin.

Armed with his well-honed design & development skills, Sergei's at the forefront of most of Hanno's enterprises.

Soviet Russia born and raised, Sergei has been working together with Jon since the early days of Hanno. What started off as a collaboration on a small freelance project soon turned into a long-standing friendship and plenty of battle-scars won as they ~~crafted HTML email templates~~ built websites together.

Having moved away from video production, and on to graphic and then motion design, he’s a self-taught designer who has since built up front-end coding ability and technical knowledge over the years. He’s deeply detail-oriented, with a deep bank of web design and development expertise, which is constantly in demand from the rest of the team.

When Sergei’s not working, he can be found rewatching his favourite comedy shows, hiking & snowboarding, or riding Booster — he’ll never admit it but the latter is the main reason why he’s visiting St. Petersburg so often ;)

He’s a lover of specialty coffee, trappist beers, snowboarding and making good cocktails, although he still has some work to do, before he’s at the level of one of his personal idols.