is Indonesian and currently in Jakarta.

Former hip-hop dance instructor with a keen eye for UI design.

Although his grand plan was to study communication design, Thomas ended up graduating with a Computer Science degree. His intuition may have steered him towards technology, but he couldn’t quite shake off his love for design and continued learning about it on his own throughout university.

While professionally teaching others how to dance to hip-hop, Thomas worked several development projects. One of these projects was a CMS which he eventually sold as a service to companies. It was a side-hustle, but a stressful one nonetheless.

This led him to an epiphany which would eventually lead him to Hanno: his real passion was creating great user interfaces, not writing lines of code. Thomas first joined us as a UI collaborator for several projects in 2016 after being hunted by Sergei for his work on Dribbble. He’s since made the jump to full-time shipmate.

When he’s not busy obsessing over UI elements, Thomas can be found sipping coffee at his local cafe, playing board games or kicking it with some FIFA.