Rapid Prototyping Deep Dive

Explore how to make cost-effective prototypes and find the right users to test them with.


2-hour workshop, with 2 hours of additional coaching



Take your product from idea to functioning prototype

A quick and easy way to get you comfortable with rapid prototyping

Learn how to quickly create your own cost-effective prototypes and explore different features of your product. Get a deeper understanding of how your product works before testing with real users.

This workshop is great for teams who

  • Have a product idea in mind and would like to build the early stage version themselves.
  • Want to see how their product idea translates into an actual design.
  • Want to build a MVP that they can begin testing with users before building out the whole product.

Teams who complete this workshop will be ready to

  • Build quick prototypes to test any feature
  • Understand and use a variety of prototyping methods and tools
  • Identify the right type of users to test your product with

What you will get

A 2-hour online workshop covering

  • What is rapid prototyping and when to use it
  • Different prototyping methods and the benefits of each
  • How to use different prototyping methods

Guidance and 1:1 coaching to

  • Track your progress and assess any challenges you may be facing

What previous participants said about Rapid Prototyping Deep Dive

“A great introduction for our team. The content was relevant and useful for our project. We got to try prototyping for ourselves so after the workshop we could get started immediately.” — Nora Oleskog Tryggvason, Co-Founder of Agenda: Jämlikhet 🇸🇪