Adopt the best habits, tools and processes to work remotely with your team.


7 hours (spread over 2 days), with 1 hour of follow-up coaching



Remote working isn’t the future: it’s now.

But how do you make that shift from working at an office to pretty much anywhere on the map?

For remote working to be successful, it must be designed with intent. Technology alone will not lead to happy, productive and socially-engaged remotees.

The good news is that with a kickstart in the right direction and some practice, working from anywhere is accessible to anyone in almost all industries.

As a fully-remote team, we’ve spent the last 5 years fine-tuning the way we work to achieve the right balance between flexibility and productivity. Over the years, we’ve openly shared our experiences and dished-out advice to help others tackle this alternative way of working, but articles and emails can only go so far. To truly grasp virtual collaboration, one needs to have the full-blown experience.

Our REMOTIFY workshop is designed to help whip you into remote shape. You’ll learn about solid processes, cool tools and best practices to help you work effectively as a remotee based on years of experience from us and other remote professionals – all this while mingling and exchanging ideas and experiences with participants from other organizations, countries and backgrounds.

Continue thriving at what you do best while working from anywhere you want!

This workshop is great for teams who

  • Are curious if remote working is right for them and want to give it a try
  • Work in companies that want to transition towards working remotely
  • Are already remote, but want to improve the way they work

Teams who complete this workshop will be ready to

  • Work remotely with an emphasis on openness, trust and respect
  • Get high quality work done anywhere
  • Build a responsibility-driven, proactive mindset
  • Create a virtual work environment that encourages you to stay happy and motivated

What you will get with REMOTIFY

A 7-hour online workshop (split over two days) teaching you how to

  • Adapt your habits and processes to be able to work from anywhere
  • Collaborate remotely and effectively with your teammates or clients
  • Apply the right techniques and tools to help you stay productive
  • Manage communication and projects across different time zone like a pro
  • Avoid slipping into isolation and loneliness as a remotee

Post-workshop guidance: 1-hour

  • 2 to 4 weeks after the workshop, we’ll meet again with a few of your workshop mates to exchange remote working experiences and get advice on overcoming any challenges or blocks you may be facing.

What previous participants said about REMOTIFY

“A fantastic introduction to remote collaboration. I had previous experience with remote work, but I’m glad to have learnt valuable routines for collaborating as a team.” — Roger Dean Olden, Product Designer & Team Facilitator at Timely 🇳🇴

“I learned actionable ways to work remotely. We experienced how to optimise our communication to think, build and deliver better despite our location.” — Soline Ledésert, Freelance UX Researcher and Designer 🇫🇷

“The way the workshop was facilitated was amazing. Besides learning new things, we had a lot of fun :)” — Peter Fabor, Founder of Surf Office 🇵🇹

Want to REMOTIFY your entire team?

We can create a bespoke workshop for your team of up to 8 people which covers all of the above plus:

  • Creating a thriving remote culture in your team
  • Blending the right processes and tools to design the best way of collaborating remotely for your team
  • 8 additional hours of 1-1 personalised coaching (to be used within 6 months of completing the workshop)

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