User Testing Deep Dive

Become a pro at setting up user testing sessions and translating feedback into actionable insights.


2-hour workshop with 5 hours of additional coaching



Understand what users really think about your product

A quick way to get set up to run your own user testing

Learn how to run user testing to evaluate how your product fares with users. Use insights learned to make more informed decisions for future product iterations and improve the user experience.

This workshop is great for teams who

  • Have a product that’s already built and want to know what users think of it
  • Want to learn how they can further improve the user experience of their product
  • Want to test new functions with a small group of users before releasing it

Teams who complete this workshop will be ready to

  • Run user testing interviews by themselves
  • Find the right users to test your product
  • Analyse users’ feedback on your product
  • Iterate their product based on insights

What you will get

A 2-hour online workshop covering:

  • A review of your product’s features
  • Different methods of user testing
  • How to create hypotheses
  • Preparation for qualitative user interviews
  • How to collect and analyse research data

A user testing plan

  • To make sure you are ready to tackle your first user testing campaign

5 hours of guidance and 1-1 coaching to

  • Help you navigate your first few user testing interviews and help you analyse feedback received
  • Track your progress and tackle any challenges you may be facing

What previous participants said about User Testing Deep Dive

“Hanno helped us refine our approach to user testing, so we could gain real insights from our interviews. We’re already looking forward to future workshops together!” — Jorge Selva, Co-Founder of Siempo 🇺🇸