The Hanno team

A decade in the making

We’ve been working exclusively with R&D teams in large healthcare organisations for the last three years—and are set up to cover every aspect of designing, building and launching software as a medical device.

However, the core Hanno team has been together for over a decade, working with pioneering companies across industries—from helping Uber convert the European market to helping Lenovo change the way we use a computer.

While our flagship health projects progress through trials/studies under NDA, here’s a flavour of what we’ve been working on:

Wound Management

Creating accountability to reduce diabetic foot amputations. Reducing practice variation in home health nursing.


Helping people with advanced disease adjust to a new treatment and balance longevity with quality of daily living.


Motivating teenagers to manage their Type 1 Diabetes. Helping parents stay on top of their young child’s condition.


Optimising treatment and integrating care for people with neurological disorders.