Health Redesigned

Conversations on developing digital products for better health and wellness.


Conversations on developing digital products for better health and wellness.

S3 EP2Feb 2020

Vision4Health: What do we want ‘health’ to look like?

S3 EP1Feb 2020

Resolve To Save Lives: Building the world's thinnest EMR

Portrait photography of Tara Donnelly
S2 EP10Jul 2019

NHSX: Calling all digital health innovators

S2 EP1Apr 2019

LiveSmart: Health assessments and coaching for the digital age

S1 EP16Feb 2018

Aging 2.0: Designing inclusive solutions for an ageing population

Season 3

EP13May 2020
Matter Health: Fuelling innovation
Matter is a healthcare startup incubator, community nexus and corporate innovation accelerator. CEO Steven Collens has seen first-hand what the successful startups in the industry have in common.
EP12May 2020
Carbon Health: Experience beyond software
How do you redesign a primary care clinic and its services so it’s built for today? Can we tailor experiences to the psychology of the patients? Can we design tools for clinicians that balance disrupting their workflows with creating efficiencies?
EP11May 2020
Novo Nordisk: The role of an anthropologist
We speak with Eva Vangkilde and take a dive into what it actually means to be an anthropologist in the healthcare space.
EP10Apr 2020
Ethical health data
What can we do to ensure patients' data is ethically and securely handled in the products we create? We chat to Irene Ng, CEO of Dataswift and Director of HATLAB about the power of personal data accounts and what they could mean for healthcare.
EP9Apr 2020
Onboard Health: Democratising health access
Technology has made a huge leap towards democratising access to healthcare. André Blackman explains why we need to be sure we’re hearing all voices in society in order to truly realise this.
EP8Apr 2020
Zero: Designing for self-efficacy
How do you transform a relatively daunting health practice and make it accessible, fun and most importantly achievable? We chat to Head of Product Matthew Silva, to find out more.
EP7Apr 2020
The organising principles of health design
What are the guiding design principles that we are going to use when creating new health products for the 21st century? We talk to Dr. Bon Ku about creating a common language around human centred healthcare.
EP6Mar 2020
Echo: Removing barriers to medical adherence
As the user of his very own product, co-founder Stephen Bourke has been on the front lines of Echo's mission to simplify pharmacy. In this episode we discuss how design bleeds into all facets of his business and why convenience really is the key to medical adherence.
EP5Mar 2020
Babylon Health: Venturing beyond telemedicine
In this episode we speak to Jane Austin, Director of Product Design, to discuss the role of design in Babylon's journey to becoming a global health service provider.
EP4Mar 2020
Emmett: A parent's personal diabetes assistant
It’s hard to imagine the cognitive load for a caregiver with a child who has Type 1 diabetes. Founder Dan Korelitz helps us understand the hundreds of micro decisions that need to be navigated each and every day.
EP3Mar 2020
Flatiron Health: Increasing the design baseline in oncology
So much of a patient’s story is beginning to be collected and documented in digital tools. Coulton Bunney talks about how Flatiron are learning from these narratives to transform patient experience.
EP2Feb 2020
Vision4Health: What do we want ‘health’ to look like?
We welcome back Andy Wilkins, one of our most popular guests, to continue our discussion on building a human-centered health ecosystem.
EP1Feb 2020
Resolve To Save Lives: Building the world's thinnest EMR
We talk to Daniel Burka about designing electronic medical records to enable healthcare workers to manage blood pressure at scale in India and beyond.

Season 2

EP16Aug 2019
Vitality: Rewarding healthy living
Chief Digital Officer Dave Priestley talks about how a large organisation stays innovative, invests in the design process and builds consumer programs based on behavioural economics.
EP15Aug 2019
Oxsight: Hacking reality for the visually impaired
We traverse the world of science fiction, sight experiments, and the potential of AI powered user interfaces to empower people with disabilities and beyond, with Co-Founder and Director Stephen Hicks.
EP14Aug 2019
One Medical: Flipping primary care on its head
We discuss with David Hoang how design is a driving force behind One Medical's mission to change how we visit the doctor.
EP13Jul 2019
Color: The next frontier in genomics and precision healthcare
Join Hanno and Wendy McKennon as we explore the role design, genetics and technology play in the movement from ‘sickcare’ to affordable preventative healthcare.
EP12Jul 2019
Honor: Building better ways to age
We speak to Product Design Manager, Olivia Muesse and explore how we can use technology to enhance human interactions, rather than replacing them.
EP11Jul 2019
6 megatrends on the healthcare horizon
We are on the cusp of the biggest changes in the history of medicine. This feature-length episode with Andy Wilkins re-imagines the possibilities of technology-enabled, human-centred healthcare.
Portrait photography of Tara Donnelly
EP10Jul 2019
NHSX: Calling all digital health innovators
We sit down with the Chief Digital Officer of NHSX, Tara Donnelly, to see how the newly founded digital transformation programme will shape the future of health.
EP9Jun 2019
Myia Health: Unlocking clinical meaning from data
Sonia Koesterer, VP of Design, explains how Myia transforms streams of personal data into actionable insights on patient conditions and empowers clinicians.
EP8Jun 2019
MeeTwo: Empowering teens to take control of their mental well-being
76% of young people with mental health issues never get treated. We talk with co-founder Kerstyn Comley about the daunting challenges affecting today's youth.
EP7May 2019
Alzheimer's Society: Becoming experience driven for the dementia community
We chat with the team turning a 10,000 employee strong UK charity into a user-centred powerhouse.
EP6May 2019
Omada Health: Designing for behaviour change
Staying motivated to complete your health goals when faced with a chronic illness can feel overwhelming. Omada Health want to fix that by changing lives, one small habit at a time.
EP5May 2019
Modern Fertility: Breaking down barriers to reproductive health
Modern Fertility believe that fertility hormone testing should become as routine as a pap smear. We talk with CEO & Co-founder Afton Vechery about the barriers to women taking control of their fertility.
EP4May 2019
Iris: From an emergency alert to everyday health tracking
Iris helps users take control and track their everyday health, while simultaneously keeping their loved ones in the know. CEO & co-founder Cat Noone tells us how.
EP3May 2019
Methodology: Eating for health outcomes
Methodology is a food delivery service that wants to change how we interact with our meals. On a mission to demystify nutrition, the SF based startup uses food as a tool to teach people about their health as well as improve it.
EP2Apr 2019
Healios: Transforming mental healthcare delivery
Having quick, reliable access to mental health services can be life-saving. But more often than not people find multiple barriers in their way when it comes to getting help. Healios is a digital healthcare company that’s set out to change that.
EP1Apr 2019
LiveSmart: Health assessments and coaching for the digital age
We chat with Mat Griffiths the Product Manager and UX Designer at LiveSmart, a digital health platform that combines blood tests and one-to-one coaching to help people improve their health and wellness.

Season 1

EP27May 2018
Touch Surgery: Surgical training gone mobile
We chat with Ali Bahsoun and Fiona MacDougall of Touch Surgery, a surgical simulator that uses 3D rendered content to help healthcare professionals learn about surgical procedures and rehearse for surgery on their mobile phones.
EP26Apr 2018
Core Wellness: Creating a hands-on meditation experience
We chat with Sarah McDevitt of Core Wellness, a personal meditation device that uses physical biosensors and a digital app to encourage people to build a habit of meditating and easily track their progress.
EP25Apr 2018
XenZone: Digitising mental health services for young people
We chat with Elaine Bousfield, Founder and Chair of XenZone, a pioneer of online counselling services in the UK that’s been improving access to mental health services for children, young people and adults over the last 20 years.
EP24Apr 2018
Forward: Instant messaging for healthcare professionals
We speak to Dr Barney Gilbert of Forward, a mobile app for healthcare professionals to communicate with one another quickly and efficiently while sharing patient information securely.
EP23Apr 2018
Cardiologs: Building AI to help doctors diagnose cardiac diseases faster
We chat with Chiara Scabellone of Cardiologs, a cardiology analysis platform powered by artificial intelligence to help healthcare professionals detect heart abnormalities from ECG data quicker and more effectively.
EP22Mar 2018
Wayfindr: Empowering blind people to travel independently
Umesh Pandya of Wayfindr talks about the nonprofit's free and open standard that organisations and developers can use to help blind people independently navigate within buildings safely and easily.
EP21Mar 2018
Koko: A social network with mental health in mind
We chat with Robert Morris of Koko, an AI-powered social network that anyone can anonymously share stressful or unpleasant experiences with to receive emotional support and encouragement.
EP20Mar 2018
Limbix: Curing anxieties with virtual reality
We chat with Tony Hsieh of Limbix, a software startup which designs virtual reality tools that therapists can use to help treat mental health disorders like social anxieties, phobias and PTSD.
EP19Mar 2018
Stratasan: Helping hospitals to grow with data
We speak to Jason Moore of Stratasan, the software company that helps over 700 hospitals in the US to turn their data into intelligence and maximise growth using a combination of customised software and hands-on consulting.
EP18Feb 2018
FutureEverything: Smart city solutions for healthier citizens
We chat with Mahnaz Yusaf and Feimatta Conteh of FutureEverything about co-designing digital health initiatives with the people of Manchester to build a smarter city with better healthcare for its citizens.
EP17Feb 2018
Be My Eyes: Lending a pair of eyes to the blind
We chat with Hans Jorgen Wiberg, the founder of Be My Eyes, a free mobile app that connects blind and visually impaired people with sighted volunteers, helping them solve all kinds of daily challenges.
EP16Feb 2018
Aging 2.0: Designing inclusive solutions for an ageing population
We chat with Eric Kihlstrom about why providing older people with a higher quality of life doesn't just have to do with having more funding, but also creating well-designed products.
EP15Feb 2018
Ava Women: Smarter fertility tracking to help women conceive
Allison Sarno discusses how Ava Women's bracelet is revamping fertility tracking for women—from understanding cycles to determining their most fertile days.
EP14Jan 2018
Thriva: Preventative healthcare at your fingertips
Hamish Grierson tells us how Thriva's convenient finger-prick blood testing service is empowering consumers to take proactive steps towards better health.
EP13Jan 2018
Care/of: Curating vitamins for better health
Akash Shah of Care/of tells us how the vitamin subscription startup is transforming the way people choose and consume the right supplements for their needs.
EP12Jan 2018
Bloomlife: A smart contraction tracker for pregnant women
Molly Dickens discusses how Bloomlife is redefining the future of prenatal care by helping pregnant women to better understand their contractions.
EP11Jan 2018
Nurx: Birth control direct to your doorstep
Dr. Edvard Engesæth and Michael Rurka share how Nurx is providing women in the U.S with convenient access to birth control and PrEP.
EP10Jan 2018
No Isolation: Combating loneliness with the help of robots
Marius Aabel talks about social isolation and the solutions that No Isolation is designing to help reduce loneliness among the young and old.
EP9Dec 2017
UnaliWear: Extending independence with dignity for the vulnerable
Jean Anne Booth of UnaliWear shares how her mother inspired her to create a watch which empowers vulnerable people to lead independent and safe lifestyles.
EP8Dec 2017
Ride Health: Getting patients to & from medical appointments safely & on-time
Imran Cronk tells us about how he was inspired to start Ride Health, a platform that arranges rides for patients to and from medical appointments.
EP7Dec 2017
Headspace: A modern meditation coach that fits right in your pocket
We chat with Adam Diehl about the design process behind Headspace and how the guided meditation app helps people live more mindfully.
EP6Dec 2017
Implicity: Remote monitoring for smarter patient care
Louis Pinot of Implicity tells us about the cloud-based platform they built for physicians to remotely monitor medical devices implanted in patients.
EP5Nov 2017
MedPics: A collaborative platform for the medical industry
We speak to Ali Namdari of MedPics, the first photo-sharing app for French healthcare professionals.
EP4Nov 2017
Nima: A portable sensor that detects gluten
Scott Sundvor tells us how Nima is helping people cope with gluten-intolerance with its portable sensor.
EP3Nov 2017
W21C: Designing medical care for the 21st century
Sydney Johnson shares how W21C is exploring new approaches to healthcare and creating medical innovations to evolve the paradigms of healthcare delivery.
EP2Nov 2017
Siempo: Building a more mindful mobile phone interface
Andrew Dunn shares Siempo's mission of helping people build healthier relationships with technology, starting with creating a 'phone for humans'.
EP1Nov 2017
Ava: Creating total accessibility for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
Pieter Doevendans of Ava talks about breaking down communication barriers between the deaf & hearing worlds with the power of mobile & speech technologies.