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A weekly podcast by Hanno on building digital products for better health & wellness.
Photo of Mat Griffiths

Health assessments and coaching for the digital age

with Mat Griffiths, Product Manager, UX Designer at LiveSmart

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Photo of Ali Bahsoun, Product Lead & Fiona MacDougall, Senior UX Designer

Surgical training gone mobile

with Ali Bahsoun, Product Lead & Fiona MacDougall, Senior UX Designer, at Touch Surgery

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Photo of Sarah McDevitt

Creating a hands-on meditation experience

with Sarah McDevitt, Founder & CEO at Core Wellness

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Photo of Elaine Bousfield

Digitising mental health services for young people

with Elaine Bousfield, Founder & Chair at XenZone

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Photo of Dr Barney Gilbert

Instant messaging for healthcare professionals

with Dr Barney Gilbert, Co-founder & Co-CEO at Forward

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Photo of Chiara Scabellone

Building AI to help doctors diagnose cardiac diseases faster

with Chiara Scabellone, Product Manager at Cardiologs

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Photo of Umesh Pandya

Empowering blind people to travel independently

with Umesh Pandya, Co-founder at Wayfindr

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Photo of Robert Morris

A social network with mental health in mind

with Robert Morris, Co-founder at Koko

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Photo of Tony Hsieh

Curing anxieties with virtual reality

with Tony Hsieh, Co-founder and Product Lead at Limbix

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Photo of Jason Moore

Helping hospitals to grow with data

with Jason Moore, Co-founder & CEO at Stratasan

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Photo of Mahnaz Yusaf, Service Designer & Feimatta Conteh, Program Manager

Smart city solutions for healthier citizens

with Mahnaz Yusaf, Service Designer & Feimatta Conteh, Program Manager, at FutureEverything

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Photo of Hans Jorgen Wiberg

Lending a pair of eyes to the blind

with Hans Jorgen Wiberg, Founder at Be My Eyes

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Photo of Eric Kihlstrom

Designing inclusive solutions for an ageing population

with Eric Kihlstrom, UK Ambassador at Aging 2.0

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Photo of Allison Sarno

Smarter fertility tracking to help women conceive

with Allison Sarno, Head of Design & User Experience at Ava Women

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Photo of Hamish Grierson

Preventative healthcare at your fingertips

with Hamish Grierson, CEO & Co-founder at Thriva

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Photo of Akash Shah

Curating vitamins for better health

with Akash Shah, Co-founder & Head of Product at Care/of

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Photo of Molly Dickens

A smart contraction tracker for pregnant women

with Molly Dickens, Head of Content & Community at Bloomlife

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Photo of Dr. Edvard Engesæth & Michael Rurka

Birth control sent to your doorstep

with Dr. Edvard Engesæth & Michael Rurka, at Nurx

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Photo of Marius Aabel

Combating loneliness with the help of robots

with Marius Aabel, Co-founder & CTO at No Isolation

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Photo of Jean Anne Booth

Extending independence with dignity for the vulnerable

with Jean Anne Booth, CEO & Founder at UnaliWear

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Photo of Imran Cronk

Getting patients to & from medical appointments safely & on-time

with Imran Cronk, Co-founder & CEO at Ride Health

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Photo of Adam Diehl

A modern meditation coach that fits right in your pocket

with Adam Diehl, Lead Product Designer at Headspace

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Photo of Louis Pinot

Remote monitoring for smarter patient care

with Louis Pinot, Co-founder & Head of Product at Implicity

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Photo of Ali Namdari

A collaborative platform for the medical industry

with Ali Namdari, Co-founder & Product Designer at MedPics

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Photo of Scott Sundvor

A portable sensor that detects gluten

with Scott Sundvor, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer at Nima

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Photo of Sydney Johnson

Designing medical care for the 21st century

with Sydney Johnson, Human Factors Research Associate at W21C

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Photo of Andrew Dunn

Building a more mindful mobile phone interface

with Andrew Dunn, Co-founder & CEO at Siempo

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Photo of Pieter Doevendans

Creating total accessibility for the deaf and hard-of-hearing

with Pieter Doevendans, Co-founder & COO at Ava

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