Creating a common language around human centred healthcare

What are the guiding design principles that we are going to use when creating new health products for the 21st century? Can we preserve and elevate the relationships between the clinician and the patients with good design? In this episode we chat with Dr. Bon Ku, co-author of Health Design Thinking, to discuss how the role of design in healthcare can transform the industry.


  • Learnings from interviewing designers, adapted to the health space (3:27)
  • Examples in the book of how design has been applied to healthcare (6:20)
  • Describing human centered design or design thinking to healthcare professionals (9:40)
  • Design having a seat at the table (12:46)
  • Human centred products and trust (14:36)
  • Practical methods and guiding principles (16:47)
  • Implementing learnings from the book as a healthcare leader (23:52)
  • Sneaking in design (27:55)
  • What designers can learn from healthcare professionals (34:04)
  • ROI in design and healthcare (36:26)
  • Undervaluing the role of design in healthcare (38:00)
  • How space impacts health (39:39)

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