Traversing the line between technology and physical spaces

How do you redesign a primary care clinic and its services so it’s built for today? Can we tailor experiences to the psychology of the patients? Can we design tools for clinicians that balance disrupting their workflows with creating efficiencies? We chat to Kerem Suer, VP of Design at Carbon Health to find out more. Tune in to discover how intentionality in design is bringing the online and the offline much closer together.


  • Mission (0:54)
  • Kerem’s role in the company (1:37)
  • What does it mean to design for an experience (2:14)
  • Online & offline accessibility (4:23)
  • Core strengths of software within experience (5:19)
  • Tensions between disrupting workflows and creating efficiencies (9:34)
  • Intentionality in the design process (12:13)
  • Learning about audience (16:59)
  • Three core Carbon principles (18:54)
  • Traversing the line between software and physical spaces (20:51)
  • Creating physical spaces (25:29)
  • Biggest learning of becoming an experience designer? (30:18)

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