Honor: Building better ways to age

We speak to Product Design Manager, Olivia Muesse and explore how we can use technology to enhance human interactions, rather than replacing them.
Honor: Building better ways to age
S2 EP12Jul 2019

Honor: Building better ways to age

Honor: Building better ways to age

with Olivia Muesse , Product Design Manager

Using technology to enhance human interactions, not replace them

With AI and machine learning creeping their way into more areas of our lives, we often hear stories about how technology is going to automate and eliminate the role human beings can play in the workplace and beyond. Honor see things a little differently. On a mission to modernise the care older adults receive in their own homes as they age, Honor is using technology to amplify the human factor, not minimise it, when it comes to improving the lives of older adults, their loved ones and the professionals that care for them.

Join Hanno and Olivia as they explore how to walk the tightrope between powerful software, meaningful relationships and thoughtful design.


    Why is it so important for people to be taken care of in their own homes?

    How do you help an aging population that is unfamiliar with tech?

    The three core Honor experiences

    Removing friction between carers and clients

    How is Honor providing stability and easing stress for care professionals?

    Balancing global tools and innovation on the local level

Hosted by
Matt Lenzi

With the team until 2020, Matt led strategy and ideation for new brands and marketing products at iconic startups as well as hosting Hanno’s podcast.