Using technology to enhance human interactions not replace them.

With AI and machine learning creeping their way into more areas of our lives, we often hear stories about how technology is going to automate and eliminate the role human beings can play in the workplace and beyond. Honor sees things a little differently. On a mission to modernise the care older adults receive in their own homes as they age, Honor is using technology to amplify the human factor, not minimise it, when it comes to improving the lives of older adults, their loved ones and the professionals that care for them.

Join Hanno and Olivia as they explore how to walk the tightrope between powerful software, meaningful relationships and thoughtful design.


  • Why is it so important for people to be taken care of in their own homes? (6:03)
  • How do you help an aging population that is unfamiliar with tech? (8:57)
  • Who is primarily interacting with your service? (10:51)
  • The three core Honor experiences (11:53)
  • What is the benefit of using Honor from a care professional perspective? (12:52)
  • Removing friction between carers and clients (16:15)
  • Allowing clients to see stats about potential care professionals before they engage in a relationship with them (18:00)
  • Transparency and its importance for care professionals (18:56)
  • What are the benefits of mediationg the relationship between care professionals and clients? (22:46)
  • How do you ensure that the human side of these relationships being fostered by tech are genuine? (24:43)
  • How is Honor providing stability and easing stress for care professionals? (32:30)
  • Preserving the integrity of the company and maintaining its core values at scale (35:00)
  • Balancing global tools and innovation on the local level (38:28)
  • What is the role of design in the company? (39:00)