Delving into the tensions between public health and scaling innovation

Technology has made a huge leap to democratising access to healthcare. But to truly make this a reality, we need to be sure we’re hearing all voices in society. Ranging from who is in your team, to who you’re interviewing in your research: are all voices being heard? André Blackman, CEO of Onboard Health, has discovered that to build a healthy community we need shared narratives that enable us to co-create solutions.


  • Getting into the public health space (3:08)
  • Progress in health over the past 15 years (7:58)
  • Company success stories (11:35)
  • The power of visual storytelling (14:40)
  • Musings from The Sustain or Die Manifesto (15:41)
  • Democratising health access (16:12)
  • The importance of more design in healthcare (20:41)
  • Tensions between public health & scaling innovation (22:11)
  • Why technology itself is not the full solution to health concerns (25:27)
  • Advice for the next generation of health innovators (27:52)
  • The five roles he’d hire first if he started a health company today (28:57)

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