Improving people’s long-term wellness through behavioural economics

User experience needs to be intuitive and seamless for any digital platform. For such a large, sophisticated wellness platform built by Vitality, this is indoctrinated in the company’s culture. Their core goal is to grow and maintain healthy living across society by rewarding people – the first of its kind for a health insurance business. There needs to be a win-win offering for all stakeholders to sustain this goal, which is why they believe in the idea of ‘shared value’.

Partnering with leading companies like Apple and Amazon, Vitality continues to develop their membership programs – and challenge their own propositions as they grow.

Join Hanno and Dave as they uncover how a large organisation stays innovative, invests in the design process, and how they build their programs based on behavioural economics.


  • The Founders’ behind Vitality from the mid-90s, and what the company is about today (1:49)
  • Vitality’s goals (4:09)
  • The sophisticated wellness programs they run (6:04)
  • The key areas they focus on to deliver wellness programs (13:16)
  • Lessons learnt from behavioural analysis (15:39)
  • The largest study on behavioural change and physical activity, by RAND (18:42)
  • How to apply behavioural economics to all businesses, beyond health and wellness (21:40)
  • What is shared value insurance? (22:40)
  • Handling challenges on a day to day basis (26:49)
  • The role of R&D in their organisation (27:58)
  • Health and wellness trends to expect over the next ten years (28:56)
  • Other health activities Vitality plan to track (30:07)
  • How to set environments at work that drive innovation (38:04)
  • The benefits to Vitality’s approach to design (42:43)

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