Perspectives from 10 years of digital product development as a distributed team.

Mar 2015
How Hanno became remote
It was never really our intention to be quite so committed to being a remote team. And it certainly wasn’t easy to get to this point. But there’s absolutely no way we’d change that, now.
Mar 2015
Team retreat: design thinking in Buenos Aires
Last February the Hanno ship docked in Argentina for a week. Here's what great things we learnt from the Design Thinking workshop during our team retreat.
Feb 2015
When Hyper met Hanno
I woke up this morning like I do every morning: slumbering in the semi-darkness as I roll out of a friend’s sofa-bed I’m crashing on while I figure out my next few weeks in London.
Feb 2015
The State of Hanno: February 2015
A couple of weeks ago, I posted our 2014 year in review, which rounded off a great year for us. But talking about what you’ve already been through is easy...
Feb 2015
How do UX Designer salaries vary around the world?
There are many salary comparisons around which look at the differences between US and EU cities. As a data fan, I love browsing them. Since Hanno is 100% remote, I thought it would be very interesting to gather up some of this data and look at how UX designer salaries compare amongst some of the biggest tech hubs in the world.
Feb 2015
The story of 4-years spent building the Hanno brand
Over the past few years we've been slowly building and evolving our brand and identity. There are few projects as challenging as designing for yourself, but we’ve had a lot of fun with this one.
Jan 2015
How using Angular.js can benefit your startup
We have been using Angular.js on a few projects, and are quite excited about it. Here are the benefits it provides in a rapid development process like ours.
Two men using laptop
Jan 2015
The State of Hanno: January 2015
It has been a bit of a crazy year here at Hanno. Looking back to last January, we were five strong—myself, Matt, Sergei, Arnas, Zsolt, and living in London, Russia, Norway and Budapest. Now, things have changed a little. So, we thought we’d recap a little on the best and worst of 2014 on the team.
Jan 2015
Our View: Why the teehan+lax shutdown isn’t the end of client services
Okay, I don’t know the inside story on exactly what went on inside teehan+lax before they made their announcement that they were closing down last week.
Jan 2015
10 European front-end conferences to attend this year
With the new year just having started, I thought it is a good moment to share with everyone which European front-end conferences I’m going to attend in 2015.
Jan 2015
Juggling with timezone differences
We’ve been working as a remote team ever since we started up, but every now and then, juggling timezone differences can be an unusually extreme challenge.
Dec 2014
My durian experience, and other adventures outside my comfort zone
Two weeks ago I visited Kuala Lumpur to give a workshop at UX Malaysia. Here's how it went, and why I leaving your comfort zone is always a good idea...
Nov 2014
Announcing our Playbook: why we’re defaulting to transparency
The client services industry is an interesting one in that I think many companies like to keep their cards very close to their chest.
Nov 2014
Investing in tools is a no-brainer. Here’s how much we’re spending.
Let’s get this out of the way first. We spend a lot of money each month on SaaS products. Some might say we spend far too much. But we disagree.
Nov 2014
What I learned during my first 3 months at Hanno
A short story about my new work life at Hanno, and how I managed to get out of my comfy dark developer cave.
Oct 2014
A short adventure in crowdfunding. And why we turned the money down.
I’ve been looking out for potential finance options for Hanno for a while. The one thing in common has been that all the offerings from our bank (HSBC) are distinctly unappealing.
Sep 2014
Staying hungry and foolish: how I became a web designer
I’ve always had the passion for discovering, exploring and learning new things.
Sep 2014
Here’s why I revealed all of our team salaries
This week, I hit a goal I’ve wanted to reach for a long time: making team pay and earnings completely transparent within our team.
Sep 2014
Why are design and development agencies so expensive?
It's no secret that hiring an agency isn't cheap. At least not in terms of your initial outlay.
Sep 2014
Our agency billing model was completely broken—here’s how we fixed it
Back when I first started freelancing, I billed on an hourly rate. And initially, it was good...