is British and currently in Dorset.

Idea strategist, project manager, workshopper, major league analytic.

Jonny is someone who believes there is a better way of doing business. Having spent 3 years working for a global technology consultancy - helping organisations think and work beyond their comfort zones to surface and deliver innovation - he is all too familiar with the clunky, industrialised approach to business and how this stifles growth and market disruption.

He left the corporate world to use his skills in idea incubation, soft-systems methodology and design thinking to build and launch a disruptive, corporate-sponsored social impact project. It was shortly after this that he crossed paths with Hanno and saw the potential in them to lead the way in a more sustainable, effective approach to business, with the energy and drive to empower others to do the same along the way.

So, Jonny joined Hanno to help clients bring technology, social science, design and other skills together to create all-new processes, applications and customer experiences that never before existed. Oh, and to help run perfectly smooth client projects, of course.